What Are Hot Air Balloons Made Of?

Hot air balloons are some of the most delightful devices ever invented by man. People love to watch them as they float across the sky. When you want to see all of beautiful Napa hot air balloons are the best way possible. They are safe, secure, and relaxed. They are the friendliest way across the sky.

It should come as no surprise that hot air balloons are made of the lightest, strongest fabrics available. Safety is the first priority, followed by weight. The most important consideration is that the fabric of the balloon remains strong and whole, even when subjected to tremendous heat and tension. No matter what happens the skin of the balloon must remain whole. The second priority is lightness. A lighter craft requires less fuel, fills up faster, and responds more quickly to steering.

At the time of their invention hot air balloons were usually made of silk, which is wonderfully suited to the purpose. Unfortunately, it is also prohibitively expensive and extremely difficult to repair. Modern hot air balloon fabrics have replaced silk with lighter and stronger options. Most hot air balloons are made of nylon now. Tyvek is sometimes used with experimental balloons, but its flammability makes it unsuitable for most purposes.

The fabric near the mouth of the balloon, where the burner is, must endure substantially higher temperatures than the rest of the envelope. That is why a heat-resistant synthetic fabric such as Nomex is usually used for the area. Nylon melts at about 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but it begins to degrade at a much lower temperature. In order to conserve the fabric the air in most balloons is kept around 250 F. The spot temperatures near the burner are tremendous, so fireproof fabrics like Nomex are used to avoid any sort of damage. Nomex can withstand temperatures up to 700 F without any kind of damage.

Aviation is inherently hazardous. That is why the FAA regulates any flying craft strictly. Every single opportunity to maximize safety is utilized. The fabric that makes up a hot air balloon is every bit as well tested and regulated as an airplane or helicopter. That is why you can depend on a hot air balloon to bring you up pleasantly and bring you down safely. The nylon fabric is tough, resistant to damage, and kept well within safe operating tolerances. If you want to go where the wind takes you, then try a Napa hot air balloon ride.