Hot Air Balloon Experience In Napa Valley

Napa Valley, California is an area unlike any other. Napa Valley is breathtaking and
surely an experience you’ll always remember. The lush hills filled with green plants and
vineyards took will take your breath away. Napa Valley, California is the perfect location
for hot-air ballooning where your weekend enlivens with amazing wine, aerial tours of
the wine country and amazing food.

Starting Of The Balloon Ride

The beginning of a hot air balloon Napa Valley balloon ride is always quite spectacular.
Watching the colors and shapes come to life as the balloons rise from the ground is
unlike anything you experience. They seem to move in unison as they slowly take flight.
The balloons slowly float away. The motion of them rising into the air is poetic.

Things To Do

Hot air balloon Napa balloon rides are always a blast for the whole family or couples. Balloon
rides are a great opportunity for special occasions or proposals in the air. There are
gourmet foods available at Napa Valley balloon rides as well as wine. Craft booths by local
artisans are also available for one-of-a-kind gifts to take home. Interacting with the
community of Napa Valley at these special events makes your hot air balloon Napa
balloon ride experience a magical weekend.

Photography Opportunities

If you love photography, then balloon rides are a unique opportunity to
get colorful and lively photos of the interesting balloons. Make sure to capture the hot
air balloons in ascension and during the evening hours for the balloon lighting show.

Relaxing & Spectacular

A balloon ride is a relaxing and spectacular adventure you won’t want to
miss. They are held all over the country, but the Napa Valley balloon rides are truly
something unique. Nothing compares to soaring over beautiful valley and seeing
Northern California from a different perspective. Being able to share your balloon-flight
experience with a loved one is something you don’t get too often.

Whether it is your first hot-air balloon experience or your 10th, you will surely fall in love
with balloon rides in Napa Valley and take on a new love of hot-air balloons.