Hot Air Balloon and Basket Sizes for All Occasions

Napa balloon rides provide spectacular views in an open basket or one with a partition that separates passengers from the pilot and the propane canisters that power the aircraft. A ride in a hot air balloon offers a sense of peaceful serenity that is available no other way. Space in a basket is adequate but not roomy. Intimate flights for two people provide a special memory for a lifetime.

Rides for All Occasions

A wedding party is often seen in the skies above Napa where a ceremony is performed on the ground and a celebratory flight occurs afterward. Flights for a party of four or up to 24 people are sure to let everyone have a joyous time. A birthday, a marriage proposal, an anniversary, getting a job or retiring from one are all excellent reasons to mark the occasion with a ride in a hot air balloon. Views may include mountain foothills or fertile ranches and green farms. Wild life such as deer and coyotes are sometimes seen in the early morning, giving passengers a chance to see nature and take pictures from a unique vantage point.

Any occasion presents a perfect opportunity for Napa balloon rides, and many companies use them as employee incentives, advertising or corporate events. Team building occurs as a natural result of bonding in a gondola that gracefully soars through the air. The shared experience provides a genuine appreciation of the great outdoors, far more rewarding than ordinary company gatherings. Floating at a height that is usually less than 2000 feet above the ground gives riders a chance to enjoy close-up views that are unique while having conversation with observers below. Skimming over the top of a tree is a dramatic way to feel the exhilaration of flying.

Advertising and Promotions

The high visibility of a hot air balloon that is brightly colored and standing almost 80 feet tall makes it ideal for advertising a business or promoting a product. With a diameter of nearly 60 feet is a spectacular sight that never fails to attract attention. Napa hot air balloons can hold almost 100,000 cubic feet or more of hot air, keeping the aircraft securely afloat.

Rides usually cover less than 10 miles at a speed of about five miles an hour, depending on variations in wind speed. Napa balloon rides provide an exhilarating way to enjoy a flight with family and friends.