We’ll always have Napa. Let’s be honest: we all love romance whether we like to admit it not. Being corny, amorous and sentimental with our significant other isn’t something we get to do every day! But when it happens, it’s fireworks and butterflies all over again. Whether you’re in wine country for an anniversary, honeymoon, or a simple getaway – Napa Valley offers more than enough to check off on a romantic bucket list.

  1. Hotel and Resort Rooms Meant for Two

Hotel Resort

First stop: the home away from home. Do your research and opt for a hotel, resort – or even an Airbnb – that houses all the amenities you personally desire: from a fluffy, King-sized mattress suited for cuddles, or a tub that will be heaven for rose petal baths by candlelight. You both deserve the absolute best! Room service never hurt anyone either. Eating breakfast in bed and sipping tea with your favorite person while wearing pajamas is absolutely delightful and encouraged. Every place visited in Napa should just be as wonderful as the last, including the temporary stay!

  1. Luxury Spas and Packages


Everyone needs more massages and spa treatments, especially couples on vacation. It’s rejuvenating to lie side by side together, allowing all worries and negativity to melt away in exchange for relaxation and absolute bliss. The tranquility will be a much-deserved recharge for the both of you to take on the rest of the trip! Don’t be afraid to indulge in a couple’s spa package too. No harm done in enjoying the luxuries of life together. Not only do you receive a magnificent deep-tissue massage worth the price, spa centers love to give additional goodies such as a special facial or a plate of dessert and glass of wine after a session.

  1. Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Classic and true for every generation – an intimate dinner date never fails. A treasured memory anyone can smile about on a romantic vacation is seeing their partner looking more breathtakingly handsome or heartwarmingly beautiful than they already are. Book an evening reservation in any stunning eatery to for a meal and warm conversation to fondly remember. For example, nested in a cozy corner of Mt. Helena is Terra, an Asian-Fusion restaurant that serves opulent savories and sweets in the form of courses. If you’re really in the mood to splurge, order the six course dinner (dessert included) to have a truly unforgettable dining experience with your special someone.

  1. Bakeries and Dessert Specialty Shops


 A sweet tooth shouldn’t be neglected while on a romantic getaway, and even with life itself (within moderation of course)! Napa offers hidden gems of bakeries and confectionaries to excite and enlighten the taste buds. Stop by the Bouchon Bakery in Yountville, an adorable and cheeky little shop filled with macarons, pastries, cakes, and even lunch. All the beloved and traditional French desserts will be at your fingertips!

  1. Napa Valley Aloft Hot Air Balloon Rides

Napa Valley Aloft Balloon Rides

You know, floating on Cloud Nine can turn into a permanent thing. For the adventurous duo, hot air balloon rides take your romance to new heights – literally! Fun fact: engagements happen on Napa Valley Aloft Hot Air Balloons all the time. Need an idea for your proposal? Here’s a guide on how to make your Napa Valley proposal remarkable. Forewarning: grab some tissues and prepare for happy tears ahead. You can maybe even hint something towards your special someone.

  1. Hiking Spots


Are you and your partner nature lovers as well? Strap on your backpacks and lace up some boots because Bothe-Napa Valley State Park awaits you. Take a journey through the paths of trees and soak up all the gentle sunshine. You can’t get this kind of peaceful fresh air in a city. If you’re feeling daring, pluck a flower to press in between the pages of your future Napa Valley photo album.

  1. Stargazing Hills – Found Only Through Spontaneity


Admit it. You smile at the thought of kissing them under the stars. When dinner is finished, and the taste of dessert and wine still lingers on your tongue, whisk away your partner by the hand and find a place to get lost with them. If you still giggle like teenagers, something is definitely being done right in the milky twilight.

  1. Serene Gardens

Serene Garden

Gardens have a knack for being forever photogenic and lovely. But we bet your captivating beau makes the best candid photo. Walking in gardens can transport individuals to a different time and space. Back then, you were a Lothario if you took a lady through a garden. You’re absolutely sophisticated if you woo her with a garden walk in this day and age! The Quarryhill Botanic Garden is a feast of flora for the eyes. Add that to the checklist of places to visit!


  1. The Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market

Besides the hustle and bustle of energy in a farmer’s market full of hand-crafted foods and items, the ingredients on display would make for a great hotel-cooked meal. If you and your partner-in-crime enjoy culinary endeavors, or simply want give a romantic meal from a scratch a try – a farmer’s market will be your source of inspiration. It’s the thought that counts and the love in making the meal with always be appreciated. If cooking something isn’t on your to-do list, you will still kind a diversity of street food to munch on and trinkets to buy as souvenirs.

  1. Parks for Picnics


Venturing away into more casual-romantic territory – a picnic in a park can be a peachy afternoon date. It sounds very retro – but a legitimate picnic basket filled with your favorite wine and sandwiches screams classy romance. Napa Valley is home to many parks where you and your lover can relax on a blanket and have a toast. To love!

  1. Wineries


You will leave wineries buzzed on happiness from the diversities of wine offered at the tasting rooms in Napa Valley. Pictured above is the Historical Rhine House at Beringer Vineyards. It’s a rich winery bursting with a fantastic history and events each weekend to attend with the main squeeze. This October, you might wander into a live music concert featuring groovy genres such as Honkytonk and Jazz Unlimited! Wine and dancing? Sign yourself up!

  1. Vineyards


Take advantage of the scenery from the comfort of a car. Vineyards, no matter the season, possess whimsical and picturesque roads to drive through. Turn on a favorite song, or whatever song seems to suit the mood. You’re surrounded by a landscape meant to take away the troubles of the world, and this moment is being experienced and shared with the person you love most. It really doesn’t get better than that.