“Come brothers, hurry, I am drinking stars!”

The French Benedictine Monk, Dom Perignon, had howled these words on the night he had accidentally created champagne. Little did he know – his discovery would become one of the most significant moments of French and viticulture history.

Away from the classic reds and whites you are familiar with and adore, comes the selection of sparkling wines that have homes in the wineries of Napa Valley’s acres. No matter your preference as a wine lover, you will find excitement in exploring the following sparkling wine wineries that will delight your senses and expand your palette to enlightening calibers.

But wait! Before we go any further, did you know that not all sparkling wine is champagne?  

Rather, champagne can only be called such if it is made from the region of Champagne, France. Everything else is simply sparkling wine! But all champagne is considered sparkling wine. Bubbles for thought.

  1. Domain Chandon – The Winery That Burst a New Era


“Let’s catch up” is the signature catchphrase of Domain Chandon. With that, shall we sit down and enjoy a glass then? This winery holds authentic significance as being the first French-owned sparkling wine winery to be established in the United States. With this status, Domain Chandon aims to pioneer themselves forward as the most superior house of sparkling wine production. Sparkling wine specialties that should be brought to your next holiday party, or enjoyed during a lovely dinner, include the Sweet Star and Chandon Rose. You and your guests will delight over the delicate and seductive notes of fruity florals that leave an impacting, but refreshing taste.

  1. Pope Valley Winery – California’s Best Secret


Walking into this winery will make you feel at home – the atmosphere is warm, reminiscent of an idyllic countryside, and features wonderful and adorable pets that roam the property. Pope Valley has an incredible but enduring history with its founders, the Haus family, whose history will both enlighten and break your heart. They suffered loss and disappointment, built this winery with their own hands. Pope Valley prides itself on being simple but authentic, which is one of the most assuring wineries you will find yourself wandering into during your stay in Napa. We recommend the Sparkling Blanc de Blancs to share with someone very special in front of a fireplace.

  1. Peju Province Winery – Award-Winning Harvest

Peju Vineyards

One of the enlightening facts of Peju is that they are a Green Winery, meaning they are a certified organic winery! By taking an adventure here, you will find that the Peju family implements only the most sustainable farming methods into the creation of their organic wines, such as the use of solar panels to accumulate sunlight and minimizing waste and excess of production in order to ensure long-term preservation of the vineyard acres. You will always taste the passion and kindness in each of their wines mixed with bright accents of flavors. Recommendations include their classic Blanc de Blancs, the cheery 2015 Carnival, and 2015 Sauvignon Blanc. Fun fact: Peju also offers their own home-made jelly, spices, and sauces to pair with the food you indulge in with the sparkling wine! It’s a package to save for a souvenir or a picnic in the grass fields.

  1. Nichelini Family Winery – Beloved and Aged “Generation to Generation”

Family Dinner

If you fancy a historical treat, stop by the Nichelini Family Winery. Their vibrant and exceptional sparkling wines are produced and overseen by Aimee Sunseri, the great-great granddaughter of Anton Nichelini. Family bonds are the roots of Nichelini’s winery, with heritage extending “generation to generation”, meaning that there are five generations of Nichelini knowledge, dedication, and craftsmanship that have been passed down since the first. Nichelini possesses a richness of not only family history, but a sincere passion to carry on a phenomenal legacy of wine, meant to be shared with you – the visitor – who will pass on their hard work in the form of experiences made when a bottle opened is during the time spent with a loved one.

  1. Artesa Winery – Unforgettable Spanish Legacy


Artesa comes from Catalan, for the word “handcrafted”, which is evident in the quality and character of both the taste and personality of the wines. There is incredible and rich Spanish heritage that illustrates itself within the craftsmanship of Artesa, with influences of flavors from Barcelona and Argentina, such as the lush acidity of fruit. The Cordorniu Napa Grand Reserve Brut is one of their most popular sparkling wines, an animated and spirited Chardonnay brewed with honeydew melons and apricot. On that note it is encouraged at wine tastings to try a food pairing with Artesa wine. One event to put on your to-do list is spend an afternoon feasting on Pintxos, a Spanish hors d-oeuvre  composed of slice bread, with Albarino and Tempranillo. However, if sweets are more your preference, indulging in a chocolate and Grand Reserve Sparkling Wine tasting will also be a decadent experience.


With this guide, Napa Valley hopes you will have a wonderful stay within our wineries, especially the sparkling wine wineries. They all bring a sense of magic to the table or celebration.

One more thing. To add an extra adventurous touch to your next sparkling wine tour, take a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley for a sparkling wine treat!

Back in 1780, hot air balloon pilots and passengers would carry sparkling wine/champagne in the cargo to reserve it for a celebratory toast to the end of a flight. It has been a tradition for centuries that still holds splendid value (and makes a great picture!). Soft winds and gentle landings– for the sparkling wine shall not go to waste whether it be land or air.