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Hot Air Balloon Launch Sites

Napa Valley Aloft offers three different hot air balloon launch sites; more than any other hot air balloon company. We choose where to launch based on weather the morning of the flight. Our pilots are up prior to check-in, scouting which hot air balloon launch site is most appropriate for a safe launch. Visibility (fog) is the number one weather condition that is being scouted. We will not know the exact hot air balloon launch site until passenger check-in because fog is so unpredictable. At the time of check-in the launch decision will be made and relayed to the passengers. Based off prior years’ averages we fly 75% from Yountville, 20% Pope Valley, 5% Paradisa. Please read each balloon launch site description, each hot air balloon launch site offers a unique scenic adventure balloon ride.

Yountville (Primary)

NVAloft site Hot air balloon passengers meet at V-Marketplace in the center of town and out of the cool morning weather. We launch from the adjacent lot on clear mornings, which is on average 75% of flight days. The Town of Yountville, renowned for its world-class restaurants and award winning chefs, has earned the unofficial title of ‘Culinary Capital of the Napa Valley’. Offering an array of cuisines, from French, Italian, Caribbean, Bistro, and California Cuisine to down-home comfort food, fine dining and unmatched ambiance are yours to discover in Yountville. Located within walking distance of the Town’s well-appointed hotels, are small luxury inns, premium wineries, activities and shopping.In 1999 the area around Yountville was approved an American Vitacultural Area (AVA), a unique area for growing grapes. Its boundaries were primarily established by those of the other existing or proposed AVA’s in the large Napa Valley AVA-Oak Knoll district on the south, Oakville on the north, Stags Leap district on the east, and Mount Veeder on the west. The Town of Yountville takes its name from George C. Yount (its founding father), who had a large land grant in the Napa Valley and who was the first to plant grapes there.

Pope Valley (secondary option)

NVAloft siteWe are the only hot air balloon company that offers a Pope Valley hot air balloon flight. If Yountville is fogged in for hot air ballooning we shuttle passengers 30 minutes to the north-eastern hillside above Napa Valley where lies a hidden gem, Pope Valley, producing premium wines from Napa Valley’s winding picturesque fields, undulating vineyards and oak studded hills, one gets the feeling of being transported back in time heading northeast away from the Silverado Trail. The goal is not just to provide an escape from the rest of the Valley but to actually make you forget there is anywhere else at all. As you can tell Pope Valley is the true, authentic “Old Napa” which so many people come to in search of. Like all good things, it takes a bit of time and a willingness to step away from where everyone is headed in order to find it, but when you do, the results are all you imagined and more. Pope Valley is our back up plan when it’s too foggy on Napa Valley’s floor, which occurs about 20% of flight days. Pope Valley Balloon launch site but well worth it, as reviewed in this article.

Paradisa (Third Option)

NVAloft siteIf Yountville and Pope Valley are fogged in for hot air ballooning we shuttle passengers to our Paradisa Ranch hot air balloon launch site, which is nestled up against the eastern base of the Vaca Mountain range near the Putah Creek Wildlife Area, offering passengers a wonderful hot air balloon ride accessing wide open views into central valley’s agricultural farm land. On clear days passengers are able to see in the distance to the east the Sierra Mountains. Because of the hour shuttle ride to this location it is not mandatory for passengers to go. We understand people have full itineraries and have other obligations. If they decide not to travel to this balloon launch site they are not charged and are able to reschedule on the next available day. We only fly in Paradisa on mornings that Napa Valley is completely fogged in, which occurs roughly 5% of flight days.

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