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8 Napa Valley Wineries to Visit for More Than Wine

Napa Valley Wineries We Recommend If you’re a veteran to cruising down that old Highway 29, it may be time to venture off the beaten path. And if you’ve never been, don’t worry. Even newbies to the Napa wine scene will appreciate these oenophilic gems – and not just for the outstanding vino! There’s more … Read more

How are Hot Air Balloons Manufactured?

Drifting above the earth in a Napa hot air balloon is the dream of almost everyone who has seen the graceful creations in the air. The drama of seeing one is remarkable, and beholding many of them at once is spectacular. Hot air balloon Napa, California attracts enthusiasts who enjoy a ride that provides breathtaking views.

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Hot Air Balloon Pilot Qualifications and Training

Proper qualifications are the starting points for your Napa balloon rides. The road to certification is a long one for those interested in becoming hot air balloon pilots in Napa. You’ll have to be extremely interested and captivated by the thought of flying balloons as a career and as a hobby. It takes a potential pilot a year or longer from the time they begin their training until they are presented with the appropriate license for their age and career aspirations. The flight programs are rigorous enough that the pilots will know everything they need to know once they receive their certification.

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Hot Air Balloon and Basket Sizes for All Occasions

Napa balloon rides provide spectacular views in an open basket or one with a partition that separates passengers from the pilot and the propane canisters that power the aircraft. A ride in a hot air balloon offers a sense of peaceful serenity that is available no other way. Space in a basket is adequate but not roomy. Intimate flights for two people provide a special memory for a lifetime.

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How are Hot Air Balloons Made?

Watching Napa Valley hot air balloons as they float across the sky can be mesmerizing, and today they are becoming more interesting and complex. From Darth Vader’s head to castles, hot air balloons can take many forms. We usually don’t put much thought into how they are made and what keeps them afloat, but the science and materials behind making a hot air balloon can be equally fascinating.

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