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Do You Tip A Hot Air Balloon Pilot? (Answered)

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Your hot air balloon pilot is in charge of your flight, safety, and more. We believe you should tip your pilot for their amazing service. Gratuity is always appreciated in service-based industries, and balloon rides are no different. Most tips fall between 10-20% of the total price, based on your personal experience and satisfaction.  Keep … Read more

How Many People Can Fit In A Hot Air Balloon?

Colorful hot air balloon landed in an open field

If you plan on booking a hot air balloon ride, you may ask yourself how many people can fit in a hot air balloon? Most hot air balloons are equipped to carry 1 pilot and 2 passengers. Based on the balloon and basket size, some models and configurations can carry larger groups, ranging from 4 … Read more

Height and Speed: How Fast and High Do Hot Air Balloons Go?

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A hot air balloon ride is quite an experience. However, it can be pretty intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. People are often concerned about the safety of a hot air balloon ride. In fact, a common question people have is, “How fast and high do hot air balloons go?” In this post, … Read more

10 Romantic Couple Activities Your Significant Other Will Love

A man and a woman holding hands walking together

Romantic couple activities can be a blast. It’s an opportunity to spend time with someone you like and enjoy a fun activity.   Coming up with new couple activities can be tricky, though. You may feel like you’ve done everything couples could possibly do together. You might be stuck in a creative rut and can’t … Read more