The Best Luxuries that are “Treat Yourself Worthy” in Napa Valley

Every now again, it doesn’t hurt to indulge in the activities, events, and things that have a sprinkle – or grandiosity – of an opulent touch to them. Since you’re planning your next “treat yourself” getaway, make sure that Napa Valley is at the top of the list of places that need a visit. There’s something for every person’s taste and personality in Napa! Whether you like to have a classic “wine and dine” evening, socialize with artists, spend the evenings dancing away, breathe fresh air outdoors, or having that well-deserved massage in your tranquil hotel – you will find exactly what you’re looking for in wine country.

These are the best luxuries in Napa Valley that are “treat yourself worthy” and that you should experience at least once – or actually, multiple times in life.

  1. Book a gorgeous room at Calistoga Ranch

At the peak of Upper Napa Valley is the stunning Calistoga Ranch Auberge Resort, located in an exclusively private canyon. It’s designed to ease you into a tranquil and meditative space that nurtures the soul. Nature is perfect for that mindset, don’t you think? The Calistoga Ranch is beloved by couples because it is a complete and utter getaway from the world around them – perfect for honeymoons or anniversaries (hint hint). If you were planning on also treating your partner along with yourself, it’s guaranteed that the both of you will find that couples massages, special dinners for two, and taking walks next to the private lake will surely put you in the mood for romance.

  1. Eat a decadent meal at Napa’s Michelin-starred restaurants

If you want to eat a deliciously exquisite dinner, you must get a reservation at any of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Napa. We recommend The French Laundry in Yountville – titled one of the “finest dining experiences” in the world. At this restaurant, you will be floored by the meticulous and delicately crafted cuisine from Chef Thomas Keller. The menu consists of two choices: “The Chef’s Tasting Menu” and the “Tasting of Vegetables”. Regardless of the menu you choose, Keller has made sure to never repeat a single ingredient throughout all the courses, and puts care into taking you on a journey of the senses and telling a story with the food. He focuses on creating his cuisine that heightens and excites the senses and tastebuds, stirs emotion within you, and brings you sadness once it is over. Once you have a taste of Keller’s cuisine, you will always want to come back and fight for the next opportunity to sit down at their tables.

  1. Snap some panoramic photos of the valley…by hot air balloon

Soar to new heights by booking a hot air balloon ride with Napa Valley Aloft. From your designated hot air balloon, you can bask in the sights of the valley at either sunrise or sunset when the winds are just right. Whether you’re a photographer or someone who wishes to capture their lovely memories, it is imperative to bring a camera. No matter what angle the light catches, the photo will be stunning – we promise. From your view in the sky, you can look down at the V-Marketplace where the hot air balloons rise and fall, the speckles of hotels and wineries, and even the San Francisco Bridge.

  1. Take a leisurely stroll through the marketplaces, boutiques, and stores in V Marketplace

If you’re in the mood to go shopping, you have quite a number of places to visit. Napa is infinitely decorated with shops and markets, so prepare yourself to walk all day! Stop by the beloved V Marketplace (right under Napa Valley Aloft hot air balloons), and indulge your sweet tooth in the Kollar Chocolates shop, pamper yourself at the Sisters Beauty Bar, gaze at the intricate fine art and sculptures in galleries, and of course – have a wine tasting! Your will be absolutely delighted at the number of activities and places in this historical place. Their motto is “Come for the wine. Stay for the shopping!”. We wholeheartedly agree that is the case.

  1. Visit the Huess Collection Winery and Art Museum

The Huess Collection Winery and Art museum is unique, considering it offers not only a chance to taste their fabulous Cabernet Sauvignon – you can also peak into the art collection of Donald Hess, the commander-in-chief of this elegant winery. Hess limits his collection of art from only 20 artists, each one possessing a special relationship with him in which they share and exchange their passion for art and creation. This is an incredibly intimate space to visit that welcomes you to take your time exploring it.

  1. Watch a show at the Uptown Theater

Besides massages and expensive hotel rooms, entertainment is definitely a “treat yourself” event. Buy a ticket to watch live performances at the Uptown Theater! There is always a show happening almost every evening, letting you ponder over if you should see a dance troupe, bands, speakers, or comedians. Furthermore, The Uptown Theater has an epic reputation for featuring entertainment legends such as BB King and Chris Cornell.

  1. Change up the vineyard scenery and take an olive oil tour

Napa is not just home to the finest wine in the country, they also produce incredible olive oil! Get your sun hat ready and attend an olive oil tour at Lucero Olive Oil. Their tasting room is to die for, considering you can also experience their unforgettable balsamic vinegars, mustards, and additional gourmet specialties. The ultimate indulgence comes with booking a reservation to one of their tasting packages, all of which include the opportunity to try olive oil with fresh bread or the oil in its purest form. Depending on which package you choose, you can engage in all of the following: experience a simple tour through the olive mill, watch the cultivation of how their olives are processed from orchard to bottle, or enjoy a lovely meal paired with your olive oil favorites from the tour. Last but not least, you can also take home as many bottles of olive oil that your heart desires after your visit.

  1. And of course, take a classic wine tour!

Did you know that Napa Valley is home to over 400 wineries? We know, that’s an overwhelming number! Despite the fact, rest assured that no matter which wine cellar or vineyard you visit, you will never be disappointed by the quality of the wine, the hospitality from the owners and winemakers, and how refreshing it is to stroll through rows and rows of lush vineyards. To make your vacation easier to plan, here’s our personal favorite: Pope Valley Winery, established in 1897. Take things nice and easy over at this historic winery that treats guests like family. Pope Valley’s tastings and wine tours are guaranteed to satisfy your palette with their crowd-favorite wines such as the delightful and sweet 2011 Sparkling Blanc de Blancs or the rich and dark 2013 Faultine. Fun fact: they also encourage you to bring lunch to enjoy at their picnic tables with your wine. They have wonderful views of their garden from them and the scenery is absolutely serene. If Pope Valley could be described in one word, it would have to be “exceptional”!