Need to Know: Post-Napa Valley Fire

In the beginning of October, Napa Valley suffered an unexpected and devastating fire that severely damaged almost the entire region. However, despite the fact, the community of Napa Valley refuses to let this unfortunate event damper their spirits and optimism in re-opening their wineries and businesses once again. The vineyards and wineries you have come to love are continuously being reconstructed and rebuilt as we speak. Not a day goes by where the community fails repair just a little bit more of Napa.

We, the locals, want to give you a different and more promising perspective as to what you can expect from wine country and the exciting things to come. Even though damage did occur in the Napa region, it doesn’t mean everything in the valley was completely destroyed. The valley is still lovely, businesses continue to flourish, and you can bet there will always be a luxurious glass of buttery wine awaiting you at the end of a day.

This is what you need to know about post Napa Valley fire –

  1. Napa Valley still stands proudly and beautifully, but most importantly —it is safe

The safety of everyone in Napa – from the visitors to local staff – is of the utmost priority. The Napa community is taking extra precautions against the possibility of a future fire by removing debris from damaged areas and creating more efficient prevention methods. Most of all, Napa is dedicated to not only keeping you safe, but making you feel it as well.

  1. A few of the wineries were harmed by the fire – but that’s not to say severe damage was avoided

Contrary to popular belief, not every winery in Napa was harmed by the fire. However, a few definitely suffered some damages, such as the Signorello Estate located on the Silverado Trail. The estate had been completely burned to the ground and lost all its crops, a tasting room, and even Ray Signorello Jr.’s personal wine cellar. However, despite this event, the Signorello Estate was able to harvest all its fruit before the fire tragedy – others, unfortunately, were not so lucky. Show your support for the Signorello Estate by giving them a visit, sending kind words to the owners, or donating to their relief funds. The other wineries in the Napa may have not experienced the same caliber of damage as the Signorello Estate, but your support for them is still equally as important and a positive impact to propel their winery businesses forward.

  1. Restaurants and hotels came out unscathed from the fires. There was slight smoke damage, but now all are open for business.

Luckily, Napa restaurants and hotels were untouched by the fires. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make a reservation at Napa’s most famous restaurants such as the fine French cuisine of Angele Restaurant & Bar or Basalt, a new and modern eatery that is the perfect place to have an afternoon lunch. Hotels, on the other hand, will still welcome you with open arms and be a place of relaxation and solace during your stay. Rest assured, each hotel and restaurant are also equipped to detect any suspicious smoke from external environments.

  1. The best way to help the Napa Valley community is to visit!

Aside from volunteering to help reconstruct and rebuild the area, the best thing that people can do for Napa Valley is to come visit the local businesses – both for the financial sake of the Napa economy and providing emotional support. Majority of your financial contributions will go directly to Napa relief funds.

Napa comes alive and flourishes thanks to its tourists and patrons – and truthfully, it would be nothing without them. To you, our visitors, you are not only people who come and go through wine country – you also feel like our extended family. We care that you are blissfully perusing the relaxing skies in a hot air balloon, toasting champagne before the evening ends, and making memories where we have made our livelihood.

  1. The fire is contained, air quality is clean and non-hazardous – so, you can bet that a hot-air balloon ride will take flight in your future

Whether it be sunrise or sunset, your friends at NVA Loft will never fail to impress you with their famous hot-air balloon rides that feature stunning aerial views of the valley. When the winds are right and the temperature is perfect, treat yourself or someone special to a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget. You’ll be in good hands with NVA Loft’s certified, trusted, and wonderful pilots.

  1. The valley floor remains unaffected, i.e. towns and cities; however, the rural areas were devastated

Outside of the town and city region, the rural areas – such as the vineyards and trees – suffered a great amount of damage. Thankfully, firefighters have been able to extinguish all the fires that ravaged the land. Rest assured that the surrounding areas that encompass the towns and cities are well taken care of, and you do not need to worry about them affecting you at all during your stay.

  1. Luckily, majority of the grapes were harvested prior to the fires – which means that the 2017 wine vintage will be just fine!

Have no fear, you can still take home wine produced from your favorite vineyards. Majority of wineries already partook in the wine vintage, a process where grapes are harvested and cultivated in order to create the bottles of wine you have come to know and love. This year, many vineyards harvested their grapes much sooner than expected thanks to the Labor Day heat wave before the fire. Talk about perfect timing!

  1. All the roads are open and safe for driving

As mentioned before, the towns and cities were unaffected by the fires, which in turn means that the roads are open and safe for driving. Transportation and traveling to Napa won’t be a problem for you and your loved ones. If you were concerned about anything regarding your travel destinations, Napa authorities are always able to assist you with any questions, or can give you alternative routes and directions to avoid certain areas.


Again, while the fires had devastated rural areas and damaged several wineries, Napa will always still greet you with warm hospitality and give you the best it has to offer – no matter what tumultuous event the world may throw at it. Wine country isn’t just a wonderful vacation destination, it’s a region that continues that proudly showcases its rich history and resilience.

We look forward to seeing you here to continue sharing our stories and wine! Safe travels!